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This website is dedicated to those students and collegues that realize that education is more than just testing. The basic role of government provided education is to provide students with the skills they will need to prospere after school. If computers are used widely in the workforce, and according to both federal and state technology standards, the teachers goal should be to enable the child to function independently with technology. Computer skills in a school setting are a must have in the 21st century.

The overall idea?

It's not how much technology you have available, but how you use that technology that makes a difference in school improvement. Computers should be used for problem-solving and higher order thinking skills. Life itself can be one word problem after another.

Technology is being incorporated at all grade levels. Lower level thinking skills, such as typing, are being taught in elementary schools; giving students a comfortable introduction to the world of computing. And why not when there is such a wide interest in computer games and simulations? See Digital Learners.

I hope that my website can be of assistance to any teacher that takes on the challenge and fullfillment of computer related instruction.

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